Business Investment Committee

The Business Investment Committee are established business people who bring with them an extensive knowledge and experience to our area’s economy. They take interest in our community and volunteer their expertise to local seasoned business and young start up businesses.

Community Futures Powell River is a not-for-profit community business financing organization created to support small and medium sized enterprises throughout the Powell River Region, paving the way for a diversified local economy and local job creation. In addition to our loans program we initiate and partner in a variety of community economic development projects.

We are here to help sustain and improve our local communities and their economies. We’ve been in existence for almost 30 years, and have a solid track record of helping many Powell River businesses.

Committee Members:

Warren Behan

Joyce Carlson

Bill Doxsee

Doug Fuller

Mike Cameron

Steve Hopkins

Peter Mitchell

Dick Vanderkemp

Redress Policy – Any applicant whose application has been declined either at the Business Investment Committee level or at the staff level has the right to appeal that decision.  The process for appeal is as follows:

When an applicant wishes to appeal a Committee or staff decision, the applicant shall provide any additional information, which could be used in the consideration of the appeal to the Executive Director and/or the Business Investment Counsellor of Powell River CFDC.

The Executive Director and/or the Business Investment Counsellor shall review the additional information provided and forward the applicant’s appeal, additional information provided together with the original application and recommendation to the Committee for their consideration.

When the Committee receives an appeal, they will review and consider all information received.

  • Should the Committee decide to reverse its decision or staff’s decision on the basis of the information provided, their decision will be forwarded to the applicant.
  • Should the Committee decide the appeal is not warranted, their decision will be forwarded to the applicant in writing.