For rural communities to compete in our fast changing world, they must adopt new and focused economic development strategies. Successful rural communities are those which identify economic opportunities and then find unique ways to build upon what they already have. They use their existing assets, look for new ways to produce and market products and look to new global markets.


Our Community Futures plays a key role in working alongside other local and regional community leaders for the development of a sustainable future vision. Along with our community partners, we invest in activities and projects designed to allow our community to be resilient and successful.




Wharf at Westview and Wharfinger Office


This project has provided the City of Powell River and Small Cra Harbours with a beautiful new Wharfinger building, which is a stunning entrance feature into the community from Texada and Vancouver Island. Although there were some significant challenges encountered during the planning phases of this project, the end result is a substantial asset that will serve both the citizens of Powell River and the boating community for years to come.
The new building will provide commercial and transient boaters with excellent amenities, including washrooms complete with showers and a laundry facility. The design also gives the Wharfinger the ability to monitor the South Harbour from the improved oice area.
The City of Powell River is very proud of the new Wharfinger Building and welcomes you to tour the beautiful new structure.


Major Changes to Lund Harbour


From September to December, 2011, Lund Harbour underwent major changes. Several large cranes, barges, tugs and dive teams were involved in the work.
The three existing breakwaters at the Harbour entrance were realigned and a fourth was added, creating more protection from seas and swells and eectively enlarging the useable inner area of Lund Harbour. The gas dock is also more protected now.
In addition, the inner Harbour was reconfigured, adding 55% more mooring space.
All floats were equipped with power, lighting and water services and access to sanitary pump out stations.


Okeover Harbour Breakwater Expansion

Okeover Arm is located 19 km north of Powell River, 5 km from Lund. Okeover Harbour is situated at the end of a paved road and nestled in a harbour basin.
The local economy is based on commercial fishing, oyster farming, aquaculture, logging and tourism. Okeover Harbour Authority’s Breakwater Access Improvement and Expansion Project was completed in October of 2010. This project was made possible by a West Coast Community Adjustment Program Grant (WCCAP) and The Harbour Authority Environmental Stewardship Award. The Fisheries Legacy Trust, comprised of the thirteen West Coast Community Futures, delivered this initiative on behalf of Western Economic Diversification Canada. Okeover Harbour in 2010:
The harbour was upgraded to improve and expand the winter moorage facilities and number of moorage spaces and to increase safety. This is an ideal jumping o point for kayakers, divers and recreational boaters wishing to explore Desolation Sound.
This investment will benefit and support economic growth and will improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the tourism and shellfish aquaculture industry in
Okeover Inlet.







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